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Getting down on it !
Linocut Print

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Tunde Odunlade

Tunde Odunlade is an internationally acclaimed print and textile artist from Nigeria. He has exhibited, taught., lectured, studied and traveled extensively within Nigeria and throughout North America and Europe. In addition, he has performed as an actor with the Nigerian National Troop and various other theatrical organizations, and has recorded several CDs that integrate poetry and music. He lives in Ibadan, in the southwestern part of Nigeria.

As an artist Odunlade's goals are to use his art to bridge the gap between cultures and to promote world peace.

What he said about Getting Down on it ! (linocut print) : Whatever it is - your chosen career- pursue it with dedication and passion. It will automatically become a part of you, and you become part of it. This bass player has become the head of his instrument, while the bass wears his own head, This shows success in his chosen field. Pursue with rigour, dedication, passion and committment your life desires.