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À toute épreuve
Copper wires on a stone base
19 x 16 inches
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Être en paix
Copper wires on a stone base
16 x 18 inches
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The Field Keeper
Copper wires on a stone base
19 x 16 inches
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Copper wires on a stone base
16 x 16 inches
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Paul-André Leblanc


A naked tree, sleeping, anchored on a rock

And the illusion is nearly perfect.

One thinks of Japanese gardens, the bonsai,

All miniature replicas of our universe.

Paul-Andre Leblanc creates such trees. Recycling copper wire that would otherwise be disposed of, he uses one of earth's natural elements to sculpt trees.

These sculptures are displayed on tables or pedestals, and draw the eye irresistibly. Each tree, each branch, is unique.


As a horticultural landscape designer, I have always been attracted by the shape of trees in my landscaping design. After having developed the technique of making trees with copper wire, I needed to find models.

The trees that inspire me are old, full of scars, rotten, branches broken and knots here and there. Moss and lichen covering the bark, and changing colour with humidity. They have been forgotten by fire, ignored by deforestation, large-scale agriculture and urbanisation. My quest is to find and recreate this tree in my studio.

My heart stirred when I saw this tree forming in my hands. It was 200 years old, letting me see its history, trials and wisdom. It lent me security, made me aware of time and displayed the immensity of the Creator.

My dream is to find and reproduce remarkable trees from various countries and also be able to scuplt trees on a scale as near as possible to the original size.

You imagine the sap circulating, you observe the trunks with their youthful whims, or their wrinkles of age.