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Pearl Levy

Born and educated in Montreal, Pearl Levy graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Université du Québec à Montréal. She had actively pursued an earlier career in drawing and painting, and then gravitated to the “three dimensional experience” of sculpture.

She has had numerous successful exhibitions and her works are now well represented in private collections in Canada, the United States, Great Britain, France, and Spain.

Her works also reside in the executive offices of Canadian and American corporations.

Pearl has, for many years, enjoyed an intellectually rewarding career in the realm of teaching to both anglophones and francophones in the greater Montreal area.

The artist works with different coloured marble that she acquires from both Europe and North America. Her warm feminine sculptures with soft flowing lines, or her geometric figures, all manage to reflect the diversity and different colours of women around the world, and yet, their common experience. Pearl also includes in her collection several different coloured figures in bronze, big and small size works highly polished and rough, creating a sense of harmony and balance.


"In recent years, I have evolved towards larger works for both the private and public domain. Be they single or multiple units, their forms represent geometric and organic motifs; polished and rough, pure and impure, but all working together as one. In fact, I feel that they represent mankind’s strength and frailties, compassion or lack thereof, and the ambivalence of our human inner feelings. The marriage of these various forms and textures are also manifested in my smaller works.

In the final analysis, all of these characteristics must blend together to epitomize the overall strength and perseverance of the human spirit."

- Pearl Levy