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Ce que le vent dit aux arbres
Mixed Media
27 x 27 inches
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Mystères endormis
Mixed Media
61 x 15 inches
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Demain sur l'autre grève
Mixed Media
66 x 9 inches
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Tu me parlais d'espor
Mixed Media
39 x 39 inches
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Au jardin de l'astral
Mixed Media
37 x 25 inches
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Appel du sublime
Mixed Media

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Paquin Frenette

Francine Paquin – Bernard Frenette

Artistic Approach

The pictures, which themes are inspired by the elements of Nature, are located between abstraction and figurative and reveal a very personal style among the other forms of pictorial expression. The scripting and graphics of a modern and rupestral influence are patiently carved on clay sheets, conferring a rich and varied texture to the artwork. Wors are painted and engraved with spontaneity, foremost quality of the first artists tracing the drafts of their creations on the walls of Cosquer and Lascaux. Acrylic painting is employed in a clair-obscur fashion with warm semitones, highlighting the nuances of the very colours that Nature impregnates into stone and rock.

Spawned from consciousness and feelings, the work moves the witness and through the assimilation of the experience brings comfort and quietude. A sensibility, a profound passion for Art, as well as a devotion to work, engenders a continuous mutation of the style, aspiring to ever more beauty and harmony.