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Chemin de campagne - Chesterville
20 x 24 inches
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Paul Tex Lecor


If one had but one word to describe this artist’s work, this would the one.

The strength of everyday images and people, of a country still a little wild and of the ideals of souls looking for that freedom; all this is the foundation of Paul Tex Lecor’s work, an icon and a friend to the people of Quebec.

A free man, Tex listens and understands people and country. He gives a voice to those who speak low, to the birds and the trees.

Over a career now spanning six decades, freedom seems to have been the one reference in his work and in his life.

At an age where most men seek rest and tranquility, something still pushes this talented artist to seek a muse that never fails to find him.

He spends the fair season traveling, hoarding visual experiences essential to the work of a creator. He shares his happiness with fellow artists and everyday people and they, in turn, often become part of his paintings. Modern day trapper and woodsman, his catch is of images and impressions instead of the furs that his predecessors used to send to adorn kings and noblemen in the old country.

Larger that life as he is, one might think that the character sometimes takes precedence over the painter. One would be wrong…

Free, even carefree? Surely but one should not confuse freedom with improvisation.

For all the wild imagination reflected in the way Lecor paints, a trained eye sees the work of an artist in full possession of his craft; of techniques passed on over generations. In the wild and crazy dance of the colors and subjects inhabiting the paintings, one can find painting lessons that would not pale in comparison to the old masters’.

This painter thrives on instinct but a deep study of his oeuvre reveals ever ongoing evolution.

Whether one looks at the characters that seem to come right out of our not so distant past or at the landscapes that live in his work, Lecor operates like a technician who uses his knowledge without ever falling into a comfortable lull. His work is always fresh and glows with spontaneity and freedom.

In a field that is sometime suspicious of artists who afford themselves the luxury of a many fold career, Lecor has often suffered the cynicism of certain people in the art world.

Well known in Quebec as a singer songwriter and humorist, he has been, for some, an easy target.

In the rest of Canada, however, he was painter from the start and his reputation has grown from day one without preconceptions.

Today the intellectual complacency of yesteryears is giving way to a greater openness towards the may forms art can take thus making Lecor a name to be reckoned with more than ever in the Canadian and Quebec art community.

For over thirty years Paul Lecor has been a fixture in Canada’s greatest art galleries and he is present in some of this country’s largest art collections.

His association with Multi Art and his friendship with Denis Beauchamp served to solidify a reputation of excellence for both parties.

To those who know him, Tex is a rare jewel of a man and artist. To those who admire him, an example to be followed.

What heights the work of this giant will fetch in the future is hard to forecast. Clearer is the fact that his production of the last few years has shown huge leaps in the evolution of an oeuvre that is always fresh.

Clearly, the work of an artist constantly revisiting his soul and his love of Quebec and its people.